About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog (among the sea of blogs). I’m new at this so bare with me.


I’m ecstatic that you landed on my blog and took interest to learn more about me (seriously, I’m flattered!). I’m a girl women in her 30s. Started this blog in hopes to write better and meet more liked minded individuals. I also feel like my memory is failing me (have to start documenting everything). I’m a true Asian Torontonian (born and raised). Not sure if you can relate to me yet? Here’s a few tidbits:

  •  I’m getting hitched soon (September 2015) #packieswedding
  •  I’m a sucker for new skincare products – currently obsessing over Fresh, PTR and SKII (VIB Rouge member)
  •  I have a constant struggle with food and dieting (I love food too much – it always wins) #TheStruggleIsReal
  •  I love to travel (I’m so sad I’m constrained by 3 weeks of vacation and $$$)
  •  I recent developed an obsession with contesting and Twitter

I hope this is enough for you to fall in love with me.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy your stay! Please leave comments – I would love to know who dropped by and what you thought of the posts.

Lots of Love,

– Jackie


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